Whitehall Laboratories Huntercombe Lane South Taplow Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 7PQ Tel: 01628 669011 Fax: 01628 669846 Helpline: 0800 296034 KEY PERSONNEL Managing director D Beauchamp Commercial director R Honeybourne Sales director P Hawkins Marketing director E Hughes Medical director Dr H Scorer Analgesics category manager C Harmes Nutritionals category manager M Cooper KEY PRODUCTS Analgesics Multivitamins Antacids KEY BRANDS Anadin Advil Bisodol Centrum Caltrate Chap Stick Preparation H Robitussin Traxam There's no pain without gain The analgesics category is one of the oldest, most important over the counter markets, accounting for more than 30% of healthcare sales, with a current value of about £300m. That's one heck of a headache, but, as greater numbers of consumers turn to buying analgesics from outside the pharmacy, grocery retailers are finding there's no pain without gain. Approximately 30m people buy painkillers at least five times a year (source: TNS Superpanel) and 11% of these purchases are made in the impulse sector ­ one of the strongest growth areas for analgesics. For these shoppers, price comes second to effective relief ­ seven out of 10 of them are not concerned how much they pay (NOP Omnibus Aug 1998), but nine out of 10 know exactly what they want, which makes stocking the right brands and pack sizes crucial to the retail mix. The choices aren't too difficult, given that the top two brands, including Anadin, account for around three quarters of sales within the impulse sector. The variety of pack sizes, too, have been restricted since the introduction last year of legislation limiting the availability of larger quantities of products containing aspirin, paracetamol or a combination of the two. Good in small doses In any non-pharmacy outlet, the largest pack size available to the consumer now cannot, by law, contain more than 16 capsules or tablets. The restrictions apply to tablets, capsules and all soluble products, except effervescents or powders, the logic being that effervescents release carbon dioxide when dissolved in water, making it difficult to overdose. While the government acknowledged that painkillers are safe and effective when used at the recommended doses, the initiative was ultimately designed to safeguard the public by discouraging the storage of large quantities of pills at home. The subsequent growth in value sales was significant, but somewhat artificial. "OTC analgesics will always be a symptom-based category," says Don Sibley, senior trade marketing manager at Whitehall Laboratories. "Consumers are purchasing the same volume of tablets, but in smaller sized packs. The effect that this has had on the value of the total market is extremely visible." The Anadin range The Anadin range consists of a variety of products covering all available OTC ingredients in a variety of convenient pack sizes to suit all consumers and all types of pain. Anadin Ultra is the latest product in the Anadin family of painkillers and combines the expertise and strength of the Anadin brand with the speedy relief associated with a liquid format. Contained in an easy to swallow gel capsule, the liquid ibuprofen formulation allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster than ordinary ibuprofen tablets. Anadin Extra and Anadin Extras Soluble contain aspirin, paracetamol and caffeine, providing fast effective relief from headache, migraine, period and dental pain and the symptoms of cold and flu, the soluble variant being ideal for people who find tablets hard to swallow. Alternative' medicines While Anadin is an aspirin-based medicine which provides fast, effective relief from a wide range of everyday aches and pains, Anadin Paracetamol is the variant for those who are allergic or sensitive to products containing aspirin or ibuprofen. Gentle on the stomach and the only formulation suitable for children under 12, Anadin Paracetamol reduces temperature and is therefore especially beneficial in the treatment of feverish colds and flu symptoms. Anadin Ibuprofen, meanwhile, continues to provide effective relief from period pain, sports injuries and muscular aches. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}