Jeyes pioneered the toilet wipes sector with this launch in April 2001 although other manufacturers have followed suit. Impregnated with a non bleach solution which kills germs for up to 12 hours, the flushable wipes were positioned as hygienic and convenient.
A £2m media spend backed the Parozone brand as a whole and TV ads featured a smug woman demonstrating superior knowledge of easy toilet cleaning to her dopey partner.
A Handy Travel Pack and citrus variant have since joined the range.
Parozone Toilet Wipes have achieved sales of £1.4m for the year ending May 19, 2002, across grocery and chemists according to Information Resources, which values the whole toilet cleaning products market at £98m.

The company says
"Given the rapid growth in the household wipes category ­ from nothing to over £13m in under three years ­ toilet wipes have the potential to become a regular feature in the average shopping basket.
"The key consumer USP of flushability has established Parozone Toilet Wipes as the innovator and category leader from the outset, and despite some me-too' launches in recent months, Parozone remains the leader.
"The Parozone brand has brought its established reputation as a powerful and effective toilet cleaner to this new sector, and this has established the credibility of toilet wipes firmly in the minds of consumers."

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