n As an occasion, lunch in the home accounts for one-fifth (20%) of all meals consumed. Prepared food carried out (eg: lunchboxes) accounts for a further 8% of all meals
n Over half (51%) of all in-home lunches are designated light' or snack' lunches by the consumer. This is in comparison with 46% of all lunches in the early 1990s
n Women consume almost half (47%) of all light lunches in the home. However, the greatest growth comes from men, whose consumption of light lunches has risen 14% since 1993
n Sandwiches are a central component of lunchtime dining, featuring at 31% of all lunches, and at 60% of all light lunches
n Sunday lunches in the home have declined 15% over the last five years, whereas in the foodservice sector (ie pubs and restaurants) they have grown 21% over the same period. This is just one indicator of the growing demand for convenience in food consumption
n Further evidence of the desire for convenient meals is found in the fact that a massive 82% of all in-home lunches are consumed cold