Producers and retailers are to start promoting a new website containing sensible drinking tips in one of the first industry-wide initiatives aimed at reducing alcohol abuse.
The Portman Group website is part of a concerted effort by the trade to show it can regulate itself, amid increasing pressure from government on binge drinking. The producers and retailers will promote the site on drinks packaging.
Scottish Courage’s Newcastle Brown Ale and Coors’ Carling will be among the first to carry the website address on labelling before Christmas, and will be followed by Beverage Brands’ WKD.
Bacardi-Martini will feature the website alongside a responsible drinking message from 2005 and Diageo plans to promote it through above and below-the-line line advertising.
Asda will promote the site in-store and through consumer communications, and other multiples are expected to follow. Portman Group chief executive Jean Coussins said: “This is a massive step towards ensuring people who choose to drink alcohol can understand fully the responsible drinking message, and can make well-informed choices as a result.
“The fact that major drinks brands and retailers will be promoting the site alongside unit labelling means that consumers will instantly get to know about it, and will be encouraged to visit the site to find out more.”
Although companies including Heineken, Scottish Courage and Coors have begun displaying responsible drinking messages on packaging, Coussins said it had been a “challenge” for them to display meaningful content on something as small as a drinks label. The site, which is at, spells out how to have fun without getting “wrecked” and includes a unit calculator allowing consumers to see how their consumption compares with government guidelines.
Claire Hu