from Robert Weir, managing director, Creative and Innovative Merchandise
Sir; David Moran's letter (The Grocer, August17) of outrage at restrictions on the use of the name Feta misses the point. How would he feel if "Athens Yorkshire Pudding" appeared in the shops? England has over 70 recognised cheeses, a number of them from Yorkshire and a number made from ewes milk.
Feta cheese originates from Greece and Bulgaria and that is where Feta cheese should come from.
Parmigiano-Reggiano has done a wonderful job to ensure that it is only sold if it comes up to the quality desired and is tightly controlled by the producers in the true area of origin and cannot be made in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the world.
Get yourself a copy of "Traditional Foods of England" by Laura Mason and Catherine Brown (Prospect Books 1999). Read it and you will get the point.
We should strive to preserve traditional foods of Europe and make sure that we do not allow people to trade off other nations' names and reputations.
I recently tasted Mozzarella cheese made in Northern Europe. I needed a serrated knife to cut it and it bore no resemblance to the Italian original.
Stilton cheese is now, fortunately, protected from the terrible copies that used to appear.
Unfortunately Cheddar cheese producers failed to protect the name but hopefully now they will seek protection, and save us from the slabs of orange masquerading as Cheddar cheese.
We have to preserve the European culinary heritage before it is completely destroyed by copies from other regions.
Mr Moran, what is wrong with Yorkshire ewes milk cheese? Get real and stop trading on other people's historic reputations.