Tubs of Suma organic olive oil spread don't contain any nutritional 'baddies', such as hydrogenated fats or traditional palm oil. Instead, it uses sustainable palm oil along with sunflower oil as a base, and is blended with 14% organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Carrot juice is one of the spread's more unusual ingredients.

?The Food Doctor's Omega Seed Butter is an innovative combination of organic sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed, and hemp seeds. It aims to provide a rich source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, required by the body for optimum hormonal, cardiovascular and skin health. The health-focused manufacturer recommends that the butter can be eaten on crackers between meals to help maintain blood sugar levels. Although it may resemble peanut butter, some Tesco stores stock it in the fridge next to Flora products.

?Kerrygold's most recent launch, Lighter Softer Butter, has 25% less fat than its traditional spreadable butter, while still containing all butter and no vegetable oil - an attribute which it says is unique in the category because most spreadables need a little help to work straight from the fridge. The Irish brand is currently supporting the product with a summer marketing campaign, and believes it will attract more younger consumers to the butter fixture.

Country Life's Lightly Salted Spreadable contains only 0.8% salt, and was developed to offer consumers a wider range of choice in the slightly-salted segment. The entire Country Life range has been repackaged and the new launch comes in a silver pack, distinguishing it from the blue Unsalted Butter. It also carries the red tractor logo.