Masterfoods is aiming to breathe new life into Tunes lozenges brand by giving the brand its biggest ever overhaul, including making it sugar-free.

The company has also taken a lead from other sectors of the confectionery market to put the brand into handy box packs, ditching Tune’s customary stick format.

Another key change is the shape of the lozenges which have been moulded into a new smooth oval shape which is said to make the medicated sweets last longer in the mouth.

However, the brand’s current three flavours - Cherry, Blackcurrant and Strawberry - are all staying.

Masterfoods is supporting the relaunch with a £4m spend which will include new television advertisements from the end of next month. The
company said the commercials would be shown at peak viewing times and estimated that four out of five adults would see them.

A nationwide sampling campaign will also be running with a target to put the new product in front of more than nine million consumers.

Masterfoods will also be offering retailers a range of merchandise and point of sale material including counter top display units.

A spokeswoman said: “Research shows the Tunes brand is very well known and trusted which means that consumers instantly recognise them on shelf.

“But our research also shows there is a consumer trend towards sugar-free and that box packs are much preferred to stick formats.”