The ABCs for July to December 2002 show that overall news stand sales of consumer magazines fell 1.3% year on year. Weeklies dominate the top 20 news stand titles, with a mix of TV listings and women's weeklies. What's on TV is the top-selling title with a news stand ABC of 1,630,829, followed by Take a Break (1,193,666) and Radio Times (1,115,589).

n FHM in top 20
The battle for top women's glossy was won by Glamour with a news stand circulation of 460,339 for July-Dec 02, with nearest rival Cosmopolitan at 363,820. Men's glossy FHM is the top selling monthly magazine on the news stand overall with an ABC of 550,815 (up 7% year-on-year) ­ and the only men's title to appear in the top 20.

n NGC up 69%
In terms of growth, Future's Nintendo title NGC Magazine was the best performer, with news stand sales up 69% year-on-year to reach 32,922. Heat continued its sales rises of previous years, up 59% to an ABC of 535,699. Rival celebrity title OK! magazine also showed impressive growth, up 57.37% on the news stand to 513,572.

n Safeway top
Safeway magazine claims the top spot among the in-house supermarket titles with a total ABC of 1,748,316 (Jul ­ Dec 02). Asda magazine is hot on its heels, however, with an ABC of 1,740,533. The Somerfield magazine takes third place with 1, 379,290, while Sainsbury's magazine posted an ABC of 340,017. Waitrose Food Illustrated, the only supermarket title sold on the wider newsstand, has an ABC of 248,030.

n Most growth
The sectors that saw most growth year-on year were: wedding & brides (up 45%), coarse angling (up 30.6%), photography (up 33.3%) and performance cars (28%).