Housewives’ brand Vim, back on shelves from this week, is planning an ad campaign to promote traditional cleaning values among a new generation that it says has forgotten how to use elbow grease.
The 100-year-old scouring powder is being reintroduced by new owner Guaber after a mainstream absence of nearly a decade. Although the brand is still sold in Europe, it was ditched in the UK by previous owner Unilever to concentrate on its Cif cleaner.
Guaber UK MD Graham Mountford said the brand was so well-known that most consumers did not even know it had disappeared.
The company is planning a magazine and TV campaign, starting in September, which will focus on the importance of a ‘back to basics’ approach to cleaning at home.
“Is this a generation that has forgotten how to clean?” asked Mountford. “We’ll be playing on the fact houses are not as clean as they used to be - with modern cleaning sprays people tend to just clean up the mess they can see rather than give the house a good scrub-down.”
The company will initially bring back the original Vim scouring powder in its cylindrical 500g pack. It is also developing five to six products under the Vim banner, such as wipes and detergents, that will be available in the autumn.
Vim is in the process of getting listings with the multiples and Mountford said the reaction from buyers had been very positive.
Claire Hu