An ad for Rizla cigarette papers was said to be inappropriate as it could be seen to condone the use of illegal drugs.

Rival company Zig Zag complained about the ad, which appeared in Front magazine and featured a packet of cigarette papers that was twisted at one end.

The poster featured the lines ‘Twist and’, while the logo on the Rizla packet stated ‘Burn +’. And the caption underneath said, ‘Rizla+. It’s what you make of it’.

Zig Zag noted that cannabis cigarettes are twisted at one end - unlike those made of just tobacco - to prevent the contents from falling out.

The Advertising Standards Agency also pointed out that in some dictionaries ‘twist’ is slang for a cannabis cigarette and ‘burn’ is slang for the action of smoking it.

The ASA warned the advertisers not to use the ad again.