Group managing director Andrew Lord and director of sales and marketing Stephanie Kean work together at The Serious Food Company in Llantrisant, Mid Glamorgan.

Stephanie on Andrew

Andrew employed me two-and-a-half years ago to look at rebranding Sunjuice to The Serious Food Company and start a new desserts business.

From the outset, Andrew gave me a large amount of scope to implement my ideas. He placed his trust in me and let me get on with the job, which was very flattering. Andrew is the son of the founding managing director and although it is a large company, it still has a real family atmosphere.

Many people here have worked together for more than 10 years and everybody goes to each other's family parties. It's lovely because our work and private lives spill over. I think this is the reason why Andrew and I often find we are thinking the same - we're definitely on the same wavelength.

There are times when we clash, but I believe it's in a positive, constructive way. We use each other as a sounding board. I can't remember a time when we have not been able to come to an agreement. I think people would say the bad thing about working with Andrew is that he's extremely busy and it can be difficult to make time to talk to him. However, because of my role he makes me a priority, so I can't complain.

Andrew on Stephanie

I didn't actually give Stephanie the job she applied for, which was in our distribution business. When I met her I knew she would add more value in this role. She has so much energy - it comes out of every pore.

In fact, I'd describe her as a whirlwind. She just flies into a meeting, sorts it all out and off she goes to work. I trust her implicitly - she's a very able woman and she gets things done so you've got to give her a free reign.

Everybody has their bad points, of course, but there is really nothing about Stephanie that springs to mind.

I'd be lost without her. She takes the weight off my shoulders and, she is right, we do think alike. We go into a meeting without prior discussion and we say the same, which is just wonderful. You know what they say - great minds think alike or perhaps fools seldom differ. I don't know, but it works either way.