Looking for the perfect partner? Somebody who can cater for your needs and give you just what you want? Scarred by a previous relationship that turned sour?

If this is you, then look no further than www.MyFoodTrader.com - a new website modelled on dating software that will 'match' the specific requirements of food and drink buyers, sellers, growers, packaging suppliers and logistics companies that register.

Matching will commence on St Valentine's Day, the official launch date, although companies are already signing up.

MyFoodTrader.com aimed to reduce the amount of time wasted by food and drink businesses in finding the right trading partner, and would result in businesses needing to speak to fewer people, allowing them to target their communications, said founder Rob Ward.

He described it is as a "business version of a dating website" together with "eBay-style reputation management".

Buyers and sellers were nowadays bombarded with an "avalanche" of information on a daily basis, making it harder for them to access the information they required and what was actually useful to them, said Ward. "This is a game changer it's a very different way of working and it'll only attract the best."

The site will give scores on reputational information such as trading terms, value for money and whether companies met a match's expectations which Ward said would make the platform a more credible decision-making resource for potential business partners than companies' own websites or a random search of the internet.

Reputational information will be compiled using feedback from an anonymous voluntary questionnaire that will be sent out to successfully matched companies.

The information will be displayed on users' profile pages in a similar way to eBay and users will be able to display it via a widget with a live feed on their own websites.

Registered users create a profile, and alerts containing limited information on a business that matches their needs and its reputation score will be sent to them when the software provides a match.

Users must then subscribe to receive the contact details of the prospective partner with whom they have been matched.

Subscriptions cost £10-£30 and there will be a range of subscription periods from one to 12 months. Currently, more than 700 businesses across 46 countries have registered.

Ward eventually hopes to develop the site into a business-to-business trading platform, similar to eBay, and also license the software to other industries.