The 30% of shoppers that do not do their main shop at the big four just want grocery - not add-ons, reveals research for The Grocer.

The exclusive survey, which presents the first in-depth profile of shoppers who do their main weekly shop at the smaller multiples, c-stores and discounters rather than the top four multiples, was drawn from one of consumer information company Claritas’ annual National Shopper Surveys of almost a million UK households.

Shoppers are motivated primarily by convenience, proximity and low prices but not by non-food, customer service or loyalty cards. While 45.6% said they chose their main store because of convenience, 35.4% because of prices and 32.3% because of proximity, just 0.5% cited non-food as a draw, 2.8% customer service and 7.9% loyalty cards.

The research also showed that quality and price were important issues but not for c-store shoppers, who were looking primarily for convenience.

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