Doctors are considering calling for an increase in the legal age to buy alcohol in supermarkets, off-licences and other retailers, but not pubs. The Telegraph trawled through the motions put to specialist doctors ahead of the BMA conference in Scotland later this month. If carried, it could be adopted as official policy ahead of lobbying of government.

An organic delivery service has hit problems as attempts to run its vans on 100% recycled vegetable oil resulted in two blowing up. The Times claims organic deliveries offered a taste of things to come and used Abel & Cole as an example of expansion, which has increased sales by up to 70% a year, but the engine oil switch has proved tricky. Tweaks are ongoing.

The Sun claimed Tesco staff "must be off their trolleys to leave" after uncovering a bizarre leaving ritual for staff at a store in Falkirk. The paper said workers who "check out" are put in wheeled cages and pelted with flour, eggs, custard and sugar. The Sun has pictures to back it and Tesco said it would view the footage and has promised a probe.

The Independent is predicting raised eyebrows among wine afficianados over a plan to reduce the number of green glass bottles used in Britain. A bottling plant is to open in Avonmouth, near Bristol, which activists hope will cut the amount we use. Although green glass is recycled, it is not much use to the aggregates industry. Environmentalists hope the wine can be shipped and bottled here in environmentally friendly, lighter bottles. Psychologists are establishing how customers would react to lighter glass.

The Daily Mail devoted a page to the return of the 1970s bedroom gadget the Teasmade. The story came on the back of John Lewis's announcement that it planned to reintroduce the machine as its electrical buyer received at least 12 complaints a day regarding lack of availability in the run-up to Christmas.