The Financial Times reported that Stuart Rose, Marks & Spencer chief executive, is to receive a knighthood today (Saturday) in Gordon Brown's first New Year's Honours list. The award has been given to Sir Stuart in recognition of his "great success" in turning round the fortunes of the high street chain.

Cheap booze is responsible for up to 500 hospital admissions every day, according to The Times. The number of alcohol-related hospital admissions has increased by almost a third since licensing laws were relaxed almost two years ago, the British Liver Trust told the paper. It blamed a combination of cheap drink and extended drinking times.

The Serious Fraud Office has ordered British drug company GlaxoSmithKline to hand over confidential emails and files relating to dealings in Iraq under the UN oil-for-food programme. According to The Guardian, the move is the latest in the SFO's £22m investigation into alleged corruption involving UK companies operating in Iraq during the final years of the Saddam Hussein regime.

Despite signs of a gathering economic storm, the British shopper said goodbye to 2007 with one final shopping spree at Christmas, claimed The Independent. Spending over the festive period had not been as bad as some analysts had feared, and figures were boosted by strong year-to-year gains from grocery sales, it added.

The Sun reported that bad diets and binge drinking could put children at risk of dying at an average age of some 10 years younger than that expected for their parents. A survey of 1,000 youngsters revealed that children aged between 10 and 14 were not eating enough fruit and vegetables, were failing to exercise sufficiently, and were also drinking too much alcohol, despite being underage, said the paper.