Carrefour has kicked off the hunt for a new chief executive, the Financial Times reported, with the European retail giant calling in headhunters to identify a successor to the embattled José-Luis Durán. Carrefour chose Duran for the role in 2005, but has seen its share price plummet by more than a third this year. The company recently streamlined its senior management structure in a bid to speed up top-level decision making.

The average Briton eats nearly 250lb of fruit and vegetables each year, according to Datamonitor research cited in the Daily Express. The average consumer now gets through 248lb of fruit and vegetables every 12 months, representing a major increase from the 204lb average consumption of 2002.

King prawns are set to take over from beefburgers as the nation’s favourite barbecue food, according to The Daily Telegraph. TNS data showed sales of king prawns have increased by 14% over the past year, following their use by celebrity chiefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Waitrose and Asda are squaring up against Tesco in a battle over a new competition test for planners designed to protect local shop owners, The Observer reported. Tesco opposes the test, which would prevent planners giving the go-ahead to new stores in cases where the applicant’s share of the local market would exceed 60%. Waitrose and Asda both support the plans, which will be examined by the Competition Appeals Tribunal in November.

A variety of Vietnamese catfish is fast becoming a favourite with UK diners, reported the Sunday Telegraph, with sales of basa – or panga – climbing at a faster rate than any other fish. British consumption of the fish shot up to 555 tons in the last year – 42 times more than in the previous 12 months.