? The paper went big on the story that drinks firms will no longer be allowed to put their logos on children's replica sports shirts. The decision threatens the £250m replica market and would bring an end to drinks companies sponsoring teams including Liverpool and Everton, it claims. ? Cadbury Schweppes is shedding 10% of its senior management, including Simon Baldry, MD of UK confectionery, reported the paper. Nine senior managers will leave the company as it splits its Europe, Middle East and Africa divisions into two parts. The changes were the upshot of Cadbury trying to find ways of improving its confectionery profit margins, which lag behind rivals Wrigley and Hershey's, it said. ? Independent retailers' market share will more than halve in the next 10 years as the big retailers' share rises from 60% to 87% by 2016, warned the Daily Telegraph, citing a report by investment bank Morgan Stanley. Direct sourcing from the Far East and investments in IT systems would give the larger retailers an increasing share of the market, according to the report. ? Critics of the government's alcohol abuse strategy have called for happy hours and drinks promotions to be banned, reported the paper. The government is under attack by health experts for soft-pedalling by postponing action to deal with cut-price alcohol promotions, it reported. The 10-year alcohol strategy calls for a radical shift in British drinking culture and for drinkers at home and in the pub to take personal responsibility for sensible consumption. ? The Daily Express ran with news that sales of potentially brain-boosting Omega-3 fish supplements have soared as parents seek to help children in the run-up to exams. It reported that sales of Haliborange Omega-3 capsules had increased by more than 90% over the past month because parents were more nervous of exam results than their children.