The Independent - Despite rising levels of obesity, consumers think they are getting thinner, according to The Independent. Fifty-three per cent of UK citizens are overweight, a study has indicated – up from 43% in 1999. However, only 75% correctly identified themselves as overweight, a drop from the 81% who saw themselves as overweight in 1999.

The Daily Telegraph - Traditional British dinners are being replaced by more exotic fare, reports the Daily Telegraph. More than a quarter of adult respondents to a poll by the Potato Council said Italian was their favourite food, while more than 80% said British classics such as toad in the hole and bubble and squeak were disappearing from UK dinner tables.

Daily Express - Five retailers have been fined by competition authorities for illegally colluding to fix cigarette prices, writes the Daily Express. The retailers include Asda, Somerfield and Threshers owner First Quench, contributing to fines worth more than £130m alongside tobacco giant Gallaher, which will pay much of the fine.

The Guardian - Parents are up in arms over rises of up to 70% in the price of formula milk for babies, writes The Guardian, with Heinz accused of exploiting a “captive” consumer base after replacing its Farley’s brand of formula milk with the pricier Nurture line. Rival manufacturer SMA, which controls about 40% of the UK baby milk market, is reportedly set to announce price increases of its own.

Sunday Mirror - Supermarkets throw away almost two million tonnes of fresh food every year, claims the Sunday Mirror. An investigation by the paper found that supermarket chains annually ditch enough fresh food to feed 6.3 million people. “The true cost of this waste is passed on to customers in prices and the environment in landfill, while the supermarkets’ profits continue to soar,” claimed a Friends of the Earth spokeswoman.