The success of the shots market has triggered Beverage Brands into extending its WKD premium packaged spirit into the sector. It is bringing out WKD 40 in both Iron Brew and Blue flavours which will be sold in 70cl bottles and have 40% abv. The shots and shooter phenomenon was created in pubs and clubs and Beverage Brands has signed an exclusive deal to supply Scottish and Newcastle on-trade outlets. Its success in the on-trade will decide the timing of the off-trade launch. Since its introduction in 1995 WKD has become the third best selling PPS brand behind Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice and is worth £350m. Marketing manager Karen Salters said: “With demand for WKD at record levels and the shots market showing impressive growth, it is the right time to unleash WKD 40. Our research shows it will appeal to men looking for a straight shot or a mixer with a PPS.” {{DRINKS }}