>>david evans, product development manager, oxo

David Evans, product development manager for Oxo, is cooking up quite a storm in the kitchen.
Evans has worked at Campbell for four years and relishes the inventiveness and experimental elements.
“You have to have a creative mind and a real passion for food in this role,” he says.
“You need to understand what customers want to eat and why.”
His passion for food, he says, goes back several years. He has always enjoyed cooking and after taking a diploma in catering, worked in restaurants and hotels, including six months as a chef in Canada.
Evans then decided to take a degree in food and nutrition and since then has worked for Geest, Unilever and Campbell.
Evans spends roughly one day a week in the office discussing new ideas and strategies to make sure that products are safe to eat and financially viable, and two days a week
researching products and working with consumers to develop new ideas.
The rest of Evans’ week is spent in the kitchen putting his ideas into practice.
“I think of new ideas for consumers, play around and create new flavours. This is very much the best part of my role,” he says.
His ideas, Evans reveals, could come from anywhere.
He and his team visit restaurants and scour magazines, pictures and recipe books for inspiration.
And to “get the creative juices flowing” Evans has created a Dream Land room. “It’s basically a brainstorming room all kitted out to set the scene with dream pictures and cosy beanbags,” he explains.
His Dream Land room appears to be working as Evans says that his team are currently working on lots of interesting ideas.
“We are not sitting on our laurels. We are currently working on new flavours and ideas for products but we are keeping them under wraps,” he adds.
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