USA: C-store giant 7-Eleven is launching what it claims is the country's largest in-store TV network. 7-Eleven TV will reach an estimated 190 million viewers a month in more than 6,200 stores in the US and Canada, broadcasting national and local entertainment news and weather.

"This marks a new generation of advertising for us and will complement our external advertising programmes," said Kevin Elliott, senior vice president of merchandising and logistics. "All content will be designed specifically for 7-Eleven and our customers, giving us a vehicle for very targeted advertising and programming."

GERMANY: Metro Group has claimed its Shape 2012 modernisation programme is paying off, despite a decline in third-quarter sales. The plan aims to improve efficiencies in the business, which operates in 33 countries. Chief executive Eckhard Cordes said sales for the first nine months of the year fell 3.7% to 46.1bn (£41.4bn) but claimed the efficiency measures had stemmed the decline.

"Already the efficiency and value enhancement programme shows its first positive effects," he said. "Five thousand individual measures have been initiated and will gradually show their cumulative effect until 2012."

RUSSIA: X5 Retail Group's takeover of the Paterson supermarket chain has been given the green light by the competition watchdog. X5 said approval by the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service was an important prerequisite to proceeding with more advanced negotiations between the parties. Paterson is a privately-owned retail chain of 82 supermarkets in Moscow, St Petersburg and several other cities in western Russia. X5 has yet to decide whether to go ahead but the structure and financing of any deal will now be subject to further negotiations and approval by the company's board.

US: Wal-Mart is now selling coffins on its website at prices that undercut many undertakers. The news follows a similar move by discount rival Costco, which sells coffins on its site. Wal-Mart's range includes 15 coffins and dozens of urns. Prices range from $999 (£612.50) for steel models called Dad Remembered and Mom Remembered to the mid-level $1,699 (£1,041) Executive Privilege coffin. All are less than $2,000 (£1,226) except for Sienna Bronze, which is $3,199 (£1,961). The range was being trialled to gauge its popularity, a spokesman said.

CHINA: Carrefour boss Lars Olofsson has visited China with eight other French business leaders and France's economic affairs minister, Christine Lagarde, on a trip to boost economic ties between the two nations. They met members of the Chinese government including vice-premier Li Keqiant and vice-minister of commerce Gao Hucheng. Olofsson and Lagarde also paid visits to two Carrefour stores Shuang Jing in Beijing and Wanguo in Canton.