?Kimberly-Clark launched Huggies Natural Fit in September 2006 to replace Huggies Supreme, offering better shape and a more streamlined fit. The new variant, aimed at the three to 24 months age group, was also designed to have less bulk around the crotch. Last year the brand owner relaunched Huggies' newborn offer in a softer format. Little Walkers, a pants-style nappy for the over-10 months age group, hit the shelves last summer to replace Convertibles. The SKU offered greater absorbency and a better fit.

Procter & Gamble launched two additions to its Pampers nappy brand portfolio last year. It introduced Active Fit Speed Away Layer in April, followed by Baby Dry Caterpiller Flex in July. The latter, backed by a £3.4m campaign, promised better flexibility.

?Plum Baby, a premium organic babyfood that uses "superfood" ingredients, was launched by former cookery school teacher Susie Willis last February. The mother of three spotted a gap in the market for quality ready-made baby food while running classes helping parents wean their children on to solids. The range, which uses organic ingredients, started with six recipes: Fairtrade mango & banana; blueberry, banana &

vanilla; parsnip, apple & pea; squash & sweet potato; sweetcorn & carrot; and spinach, parsnip & basil. All are suitable from weaning age to 36 months.

Mumtaz Foods brought out a range of halal babyfood in June this year. The ten-strong ambient range includes dishes for babies aged from four months and seven months. Recipes include spring vegetables & chicken, wholemeal rice & chicken and mango & banana.