Tate & Lyle has embarked on a campaign to bring fun family activities to life with the help of TV mum and Lyle's Golden Syrup advocate Annabel Croft. The push, which focuses on the rich heritage of the product and how it can help bring families back together in the kitchen, forms part of an £800,000 investment. A nationwide sampling roadshow has also just been launched.

?Heinz is giving consumers a chance to get their hands on a new limited edition Heinz- embossed tomato-shaped refillable squeeze bottle through various different promotions it is running next month. Consumers will be able to purchase a special tomato ketchup pack, which contains the café-style squeezy bottle for £2.99, or they can order individual bottles, priced at £3.99, from the Heinz website.

As part of its support for Hellmann's mayonnaise and snack sauces, Unilever UK Foods this year launched a nationwide competition to find the UK's best sandwich. The activity, which kicked off in April and will run until November, is being backed by a £7m heavyweight marketing campaign, including TV and press advertising and direct mail shots.

The person deemed by the company to have made the nation's best sandwich will have his or her creation produced and sold in various outlets across the UK, and will also receive a share of the profits.

Enco Products is hoping to broaden the appeal of its Encona brand with the introduction of a new flavour to the range, a sweet mango chilli dip, which comes in 142ml and 220ml glass bottles. The company has also given the entire range a packaging makeover, including new labels and colourful branding aimed at reinforcing the brand's Caribbean heritage.

?Ocean Spray is hoping to cash in on the popularity of chicken with the launch of its new cranberry sauce Just for Chicken. The newcomer is smoother in texture than standard cranberry sauce and is

aimed at year-round consumption for the whole family. It is marketed as the perfect accompaniment to all types of chicken dishes.

Heinz turned the spotlight on its HP BBQ sauces this summer with a high profile relaunch of the range. The activity, which was part in a £4m media investment in the HP brand portfolio in 2006, included a nationwide media campaign supported by extensive in-store activity.

?Kallo Foods recently launched a range of specially prepared premium liquid gravies under its Just Bouillon brand to appeal to consumers looking for premium quality combined with convenience. Three variants were introduced - poultry, onion, and red meat gravy. Sarah Crow, brand manager, says: "The introduction of this innovative product will re-energise the category."

Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce is the latest addition to the Tabasco range. The newcomer is made with red jalapeno peppers that have been smoked over an open pecan fire. The result is a smoky, moderately spicy sauce with a strong flavour and a thick pouring consistency. It is available in Waitrose and various independent stores and comes with a £2.99 price tag.

Earlier this year, Merchant Gourmet added two Dulce de Leche varieties to its range of sweet sauces - Chocolate Dulce Leche and Cappuccino Dulce de Leche. A resealable squeeze bottle range was also launched. The new line comes in three flavours, Banoffee Toffee, Mint Toffee and Chocolate Toffee.