Consumers looking for healthier alternatives are getting a response from companies. Birds Eye Wall's hopes to tap more into the yogurt and fromage frais trend, while Richmond Frozen Foods has plans to produce lollies with added vitamins. Scottish ice cream specialist Mackie's claims to have brought out the first mood enhancing ice cream under the Vibrant sub-brand. This low fat, low calorie strawberry and raspberry dessert contains orchid flower essence, said to give consumers that feel good factor. Marketing director Karin Hayhow says: "This isn't a slimmer's product but a move to a healthier option, and we feel there is room for a higher quality offering of that type of product. "People are more open to try alternative remedies, that's why we can add flower essences without them being alarmed." Meanwhile, Belfield Farms is targeting women with a guilt free dessert called So-Lite. Claimed to be 99% fat free, this vanilla flavoured iced dessert is coated in fruit sorbet. Two flavours are available: peach and strawberry, in 4x90ml packs. A revolutionary new sorbet has been launched by Tramore Performance Foods aimed at fitness enthusiasts. Called Isorbet, this low calorie, vitamin enhanced isotonic sorbet comes in four flavours in a push up tube, and is claimed to rehydrate and cool the body during and after exercise. Confectionery brand-stretching is well known but now juice producers are getting in on the act with Tropicana moving its premium orange juice brand into the freezer. Tropicana premium orange juice and orange 'n' cream lollies, and an orange sorbet are already available in the US, and now they are here in the UK handled by Brand Innovations. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}