Miller’s Gin distributor Reformed Spirits claims it has produced the first ‘lactose-free’ cream liqueur. Triibe is billed as a ‘Celtic liqueur’ with chocolate, caramel and vanilla flavours and an abv of 20%. The initial focus is on the on-trade, but the brand has already gained a listing in Selfridges and the retailer is running tastings in its stores across the UK.

“We hope to increase distribution and awareness next year,” said brand manager Mike Pulvertast. The liqueur retails for £20 a bottle in Selfridges, but the company said it expected the retail price to settle around the £17 mark in mainstream retailers.

“It’s got the creamy mouthfeel of Baileys but the physical qualities of a white spirit, so its very versatile and good for mixing in citrus-based cocktails,” Pulvertast added.