Fruit juice giant Tropicana is pushing for a bigger share of the soft drinks market after launching its biggest ever TV advertising campaign and a trendy on-pack promotion. A £4.5m round of ads hit screens this week featuring the catchline 100% pure squeezed sunshine' and showing people from various walks of life enjoying the benefits of drinking Tropicana. The heavyweight, 10-week campaign is also being supported by a promotion inviting city-goers to beat the traffic Italian-style this season with 20 stylish motorised scooters up for grabs. The offer, which is being carried on all five 330ml Tropicana juices, runs until the end of December in both the independent and multiple stores. Apart from the scooters, consumers are also given a one in five chance of winning a cash prize. A spokesman said the nationwide promotion was part of Tropicana's ongoing commitment to supporting retailers within a £1m drive to relaunch its immediate-consumption, single serve range. Christian Jones, Tropicana channel marketing controller, said: "We feel this is an attractive promotion for the impulse buyer and will drive trial and repeat purchase of the 330ml range. "It also demonstrates our commitment to cater for changing consumer demands." Bruno Gruwez, the company's UK marketing manager, said the television ads were designed to drive brand awareness and build equity. "We are spending a record amount and are confident it will have a significant impact on sales," he said."This creative reinforces that." {{P&P }}