Italian food company Bocca Della Verita has brought out a stylishly packaged new range of dressings under the label Dress Italian. The extra virgin olive oil-based range ­ which can be used on salads or for cooking ­ comes in four varieties. Rialto is a sweet and sour salad dressing with honey, white wine vinegar, red onions and chilli. Forcella is a nutty salad dressing and contains black olives, sultanas, pinenuts and oregano. Ballaro is a tangy dressing with orange juice, almonds, lemon juice and red chilli. And L'Orientale contains figs, pinenuts, rosemary and lemon juice. They all have glamorous pictures on the label, while a neck collar gives background information and usage suggestions. It will initially be available in selected Sainsbury's stores. Rsp £3.99. {{P&P }}