Tryton Foods is doubling the marketing spend behind Aunt Bessie's to £5m as it gears up for a major push behind the brand. Since its launch five years ago Aunt Bessie's ­ best known for its frozen Yorkshire puddings ­ has grown into a £55m brand. Tryton Foods marketing manager David Young said the aim is to grow the brand to £70m in two years and £100m in three. Young said: "At the moment Aunt Bessie's is number 74 in the top 100 brands and our ambitions will take us closer to number 30 in the UK." It aims to grow the frozen Yorkshire pudding market from its current £57m to £85m in two years. The first stage of a new ad campaign breaks on October 30. It is using lenticular six sheet posters outside supermarkets that show the Yorkshire puddings rising as people walk past. And a TV campaign promoting Stuffing Balls carries the strapline Aunt Bessie's Never Lets You Down'. Young said: "There is no doubt that if they are properly supported, brands drive their markets to grow. We've been the third biggest advertiser in frozen food and the stature of the brand is partly due to that sustained advertising support." He said that the frozen traditional ready meals market has grown by £19.35m in the last 12 months and Aunt Bessie's accounts for £9.7m of that. {{P&P }}