Tusker, the lager from East Africa, will now be available in 12-packs as it attempts to grow its fledgling UK presence through the C&C channel.

The beer, which was launched into the UK in single bottles earlier this year, will be stocked in the multipacks in Makro from this week.

"Tusker is an African Original and has the quality and provenance that UK drinkers are looking for," said Peter Karsten, MD of UK distributor Surfax.

Tusker is already listed in Tesco and has joined forces with the retailer in a Christmas campaign to raise money for UK-based wildlife charity the Tusk Trust. The company will donate 5p for every bottle sold in the run up to Christmas and Tesco will match the figure.

Tusker is described as a clean and crisp-tasting lager and is brewed using equatorial malted barley grown in the Kenyan Rift Valley and water from the Aberdare mountains. In its domestic market it accounts for more than 30% of beer sales.