Exclusive Karen Dempsey Umbro plans to give Lucozade and isotonic energy drinks a run for their money with the launch of its first sports drink. Umbro Hypotonic Sports Drink is positioned as the next generation of sports drinks. Its scientific formula claims to rehydrate and replenish energy faster than any other type of drink. It is low sugar and caffeine free. It is orange and pineapple-flavoured and has three sizes: 250ml can (49p) and 500ml sports bottle (99p), and 330ml guala' foilpack' (66p). Production will be managed by Edinburgh based GoPack Superdrinks, the global licensee for Umbro sports drinks. It has recruited Jan Molloy (ex Red Bull) to take charge of retail marketing working with UK distributor Foodbrokers. It is aiming for distribution in the multiples and independents as well as health/sports clubs. Promotion of the product will be sports oriented. And it is gunning to be official supplier to Scottish football clubs and Nationwide football league clubs in England. It launches at Food & Drink Expo 2000 on March 20, and rolls out on April 3. The product will carry Bupa endorsement and GoPack plans to develop a voucher scheme for Umbro sports equipment. {{P&P }}