Unilever plans to shake up the deodorants category next year with a raft of new sub-brands backed by a £65m ad spend - 50% higher than last year.

The launches for women include sensitive variant Sure Skin Care, teen brand Sure Girl, Dove Go Fresh, aimed at a younger 20-something Dove user, and Impulse variant True Love.

For men, the new entrants include Sure Men Quantum, as well as a packaging overhaul for the whole Sure Men's range, and several launches under the Lynx brand, such as new variant Dark Temptation.

All Unilever's roll-on deodorants have been reformulated and will come in a new upside-down format using a patented design the company claims produces the "smoothest experience" and uses less plastic and packaging than other roll-ons.

The reappraisal of Unilever's offer has also led to the withdrawal of Impulse antiperspirants to focus on Impulse body sprays.

It has been driven by the need to attract younger customers, create more loyalty and encourage consumers to trade up, said senior men's category manager Andrew Cowen.

Lynx will be given the biggest ad support with £6.5m on the new Lynx 3 variant.

The boxed product contains two individual fragrances that can be combined to create a third to give "the ultimate Lynx effect", said the company. Its key variant for 2008, Dark Temptation, is a chocolate-based scent. The product, expected to become a top-two selling line alongside Lynx Africa, will be supported by a £3.5m spend.

Sharp Focus, which comes under Lynx Dry, is a new line targeted at older consumers. It has less scent so can be used with their own fine fragrance.

Under Sure For Men, Unilever is launching Quantum, which delivers an extra 10% wetness reduction at 58C. As its most advanced antiperspirant, it contains "encapsulated" fragrances that continue to release scent throughout the day. It will be supported with a £5.6m ad spend.