United Biscuits is planning a £1.5m campaign to highlight the 50% reduction in saturated fat in its McVitie's biscuits, which it announced this week.

The TV, press and PR push will launch in the new year, focusing on the message that the biscuits still have the "same great taste", said marketing director Jon Eggleton. This will also be flagged up on packs and in-store.

"McVitie's is an extremely popular brand and we worked hard to ensure the reduction in saturated fat didn't affect the taste, texture, or even dunking potential, of same of the nation's favourite biscuits," he said. "The next step is to make sure we get that message over to consumers."

Eggleton rejected suggestions there would be a backlash from consumers preferring the old biscuits. "Of course, when you change a recipe or process you get some people who are concerned it won't be the same, but for each of those there are a number who are excited about the positive changes.

"We have just made an everyday treat even healthier and we believe consumers are going to like that."

The lower in saturated fat biscuits, which include plain biscuits under the Digestive, Rich Tea and HobNobs ranges, will be rolled out from next week.

The reduction in saturated fats was achieved by using different sorts of fat and changing factory processes, the company said.

There were no plans to roll out the sat fat reduction across any of the company's other brands, he added, as the new processes and ingredients would not work on other biscuits or chocolate variants without changing the taste.