Tetley stepped up its campaign, including participation in Safeway price deals. This helped push value sales for Tetley up by 8% with sales in Safeway very strong. Whilst mainstream tea brands fell 6%, speciality teas such as green and organic have almost doubled their market share since introduction last year. Green and organic now account for 4% and 3% of the tea market respectively, although they remain niche sectors and their growth has not offset the decline in value of the more traditional sectors. Herbal and fruit tea has also seen growth, of over 13%, with Twinings Herbal rising up the top 20 with 21% value growth. Twinings has brought innovation to this sector with speciality teas that can be drunk hot or cold. It also relaunched its Black and Gold Speciality tea with new packaging in November. Coffee is still suffering at the hands of EDLP with value down 5% and volume fairly static. On the other hand, one-cup filters grew 7%, with brands such as Rombouts climbing 13%. This may partly be explained by the rise in the number of trendy coffee shops, encouraging alternative trials at home. Nescafé instant coffee remains the top brand, although both value and volumes are in decline. A new ad campaign in July was designed to encourage more 18 to 24-year-olds to drink coffee and Nescafé Original was repackaged in October. Kenco Rappor has continued to grow with new brand extensions, Kenco Really Rich and Kenco Purely Organic. Like tea, hot chocolate has seen a decline in promotional activity which has affected market value with brands such as Cadbury's High Lights down 6%. Sales of Cadbury's drinking chocolate have stabilised, while their Toppers sachets, launched last year, experienced 42% value growth. Mars has increased its presence in the hot chocolate market, launching a Maltesers version this year to sit alongside the Galaxy drink. Horlicks, meanwhile, has seen a reversal in its fortunes thanks to EDLP policies which appear to have caused consumers to trade up from declining retailer own label malted drinks to the Horlicks branded version. {{P&P }}