Leaf UK is releasing a fizzy Vimto-branded sweet and promising a radical new packaging concept for its Chewits brand as part of its plan to double in size in the next few years.
Vimto Tongue Ticklers come in stickpacks of six (rsp: 25p) and are designed to make the tongue tingle in the same way as sparkling Vimto. They are aimed at teenagers, as part of the company’s strategy of gaining an older audience for
its sweets. Chewits have recently been revamped to bring back retro flavours, as well as to add Xtremely Hot Lime flavour, and MD Tony Camp said he was planning to introduce a bag format for the brand in 2006 which was “entirely new” to the market. The bags will be aimed at young adults.
“Chewits is a well regarded brand but it needs waking up, a bit like Rip Van Winkle,” he said. “It can be difficult to get listings. You need a format that is completely different, with creative twists that make the consumer sit up, and that’s what we are developing.”