TV presenter and maths boffin Carol Vorderman is the latest celebrity to appear on supermarket products.
The Countdown hostess is endorsing Simply Organic’s range of soups, pasta sauces and Pure and Pronto ready meals as suitable for consumers following her Detox Diet.
All the dishes are organic, vegetarian and gluten-free.
The Vorderman endorsed range, on sale in Tesco and Sainsbury stores from this week, will sport a label boasting an ‘Ideal for Detox’ claim, as well as a picture of Vorderman herself.
She said the tag should appeal to 30 to 45-year-old women “concerned about how they look and feel and who think the quality of food matters.”
Vorderman contacted the Edinburgh-based company last summer after trying the Pure and Pronto range. “I was really impressed,” she said. “It was really tasty and fitted a detox regime perfectly - no wheat, non-dairy, no meat, organic and with as few additives as possible.” Developments are planned, including new recipes containing quinoa protein and non-wheat pasta. “We’re going to see how well it does but we’re hoping to develop the range.”
Vorderman has just launched her third diet book, Detox Recipes, a follow-up to Detox for Life, the UK’s second best selling diet book after Atkins.
However, the TV presenter is no fan of the controversial rival regime.
“I don’t like Atkins,” she said. “I think it’s over-hyped and I don’t believe three million people are following it. It may work for some people in the short term but in the longer term, you are just building up a health time bomb.”
Mary Carmichael