Waitrose has released its Christmas advert for 2022 focusing on the farming industry’s year-round preperation for the festive period.

The ad was shot by Academy Award-nominated director Henry-Alex Rubin and the cast features actual Waitrose farming suppliers, with only the celebrating family being actors.

Emma Isaac, Head of Marketing at Waitrose, said: “Christmas is a very special period, and we don’t often talk about the time and effort our Waitrose Partners and our many farmers, growers and producers spend making the day magical for our customers. This year we wanted to do something different from the norm, that’s inspired by our Partnership Purpose and builds on why Waitrose food is ‘Food To Feel Good About’. So we decided the care, hard work and dedication of our suppliers and Partners deserved the spotlight in this year’s campaign, because at the end of the day we couldn’t do Christmas without them.”

The story starts the journey on Boxing Day, with the Christmas tree being thrown out. We then see farmers of brussel sprouts, apples, turkeys and bees working through the seasons – all leading up to a family celebrating around a classic Christmas dinner table the following year. A young boy cries when he realises he’s missed out on the pigs in blankets but his older sister offers him hers. At the end, text appears saying ‘It’s the care we put in that makes Christmas this special. Waitrose – food to feel good about’.

Customers took to Twitter to share their mixed thoughts: