WaitroseDeliver offered the best online shopping experience of the bunch this week.

As well as providing the only full basket of 33 items, it also offered a friendly driver who was "very pleasant". The only complaint was the use of a whopping 12 bags.

Asda offered a completely different experience. Not only was the double cream carton split open in one of the bags, leaving a trail of cream from front door to kitchen, but the grapes and pepper were bruised, the tinned tomatoes dented and the fish went out of date the next day.

While customer services refunded the offending items, a promised phone call from the home shopping manager to resolve the complaint was never received.

Tesco's website was easy to navigate, but several everyday items, including the Country Life butter and bakery loaf were not available, and the driver greeted our shopper with a casual "alright?" before dropping the crates in the kitchen and making a speedy exit.

Sainsbury's driver was polite and friendly, but eight items were handed to our shopper loose, and the driver left the shopping at the door rather than offering to carry it up to her flat.

The Ocado system made a few bizarre upselling suggestions to our shopper, including Pot Noodle and stamps. But in all our shopper was impressed with the service she received.

Star order: Rob Collins, head of e-commerce, Waitrose
How do you ensure service standards are high? We have a definite advantage because we are a partnership, so the Deliver teams are stakeholders in the business. On top of that there is a lot of training for our branch teams and with drivers.

How fast is WaitroseDeliver growing? We've now got delivery in 131 shops outside the M25, and that has helped drive growth. In terms of sales, last year WaitroseDeliver grew at 80%. Our trading year starts in February so we are seven weeks in and so far 75% ahead of last year in the year to date.

The only negative side is your use of 12 bags why so many? I'm disappointed with that because on previous surveys we have fared reasonably well. We have also done some work to improve the environmental impact of our bags. They are now lighter than they used to be and have a higher level of recycled material.