Sir; I was disappointed to read the weekly shop page in last week's The Grocer (page 33, August 19) in which you state that eight unsmoked rindless rashers of bacon cost your shopper £2.59 in Waitrose, when the shelf edge barker displayed a cost of £1.99. In fact your shopper bought a pack of six thick cut rashers of British bacon at 275g. The till receipt has been checked and the test shopper did pick up the wrong bacon for the comparative test shop. The 225g back of eight rashers of unsmoked British bacon is, as stated, £1.99. At a time when the UK pig industry is under such immense pressure, I would also like to point out that the only British bacon chosen for this test shop came from Waitrose out of eight supermarkets visisted ­ not very supportive of our pig farmers, nor a true comparison. At Waitrose we have always supported British produce, as well as offering our customers quality, choice and value for money. I would be interested to see a further weekly shop comparing British bacon while observing weight and quality of product. David Jones Central buyer Waitrose Meat Buying Editor's note: You make a fair point. But we would point out how confusing the Waitrose bacon fixture is to shop. At the Horley store this week, these £1.99 rasher packs were merchandised on shelf above the £2.59 price. {{LETTERS }}