Waitrose has thrown in the towel over the long-term trial of Boots products in its stores.

The two-way trial began in March 2010 and featured Boots health and beauty goods listed in Waitrose stores, Waitrose foods listed in Boots, and Boots-branded pharmacies established in some Waitrose stores.

This week, Waitrose confirmed to The Grocer that it intended to call time on the 13-store trial of Boots products and revert to its standard health and beauty fixtures. “It didn’t meet the expectations of either partner. But that’s the whole point of having a trial - to learn what works,” said a spokeswoman. Boots products would be replaced by existing Waitrose own-label or branded products, she added.

Although Waitrose will abandon the trial of Boots products in its stores, Waitrose products will continue to be sold in Boots, and existing Boots pharmacies will continue to be operated in Waitrose stores.

At the time of launch, Simon Potts, business development director at Boots UK, hailed the deal as giving customers “greater access to the products they love”.