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Source: Waitrose

Waitrose has launched a new plant-based meal deal, in a nod to both Veganuary and the cost of living crisis.

The dine in for two deal, marketed as ‘Waitrose’s £9 Plant Based Night in’ includes the choice of two mains, along with one side or a dessert from the grocer’s own-brand Plantliving range for £9. It will run until 11 April.

It was the first vegan meal deal offered by the retailer, a Waitrose spokeswoman told The Grocer.

“We knew that coming into the new year our customers would continue to look to us to provide them with exciting products to meet their evolving needs, and amidst the pressures of the rising cost of living, we’re ensuring that we’re meeting their expectations while still providing great value,” she said.

The plant-based offer – which launched on 2 January – is just one of series of temporary discounts and multibuys launched by the retailer throughout January, under its ‘Waitrose Ways to Spend Less’ campaign.

The high-end retailer is feeling the pinch as customers tighten their belts during the cost of living crisis. Waitrose saw its sales fall by 0.7% year on year in the 12 weeks to December 2022, according to the latest data from Kantar.

This is the latest in a series of dine-in for two deals launched by Waitrose.

In October it launched its £12 ‘Waitrose No.1 Dine In Meal Deal for 2’ offer in stores, in a move that has been seen as direct competition to M&S’s long-running Dine In for Two ‘gastropub’ offer.

Plantliving is Waitrose’s rebranded own-label vegan brand. It was originally launched under the label Plantlife in September 2021 but the grocer was forced to change its name in April 2022, when it was revealed another company, Lemberona, had held the trademark since 2020.

Under the £9 deal, customers can choose from a total of nine mains, five sides and four desserts from the 18-product range. It includes three new additions, including Fiery Korean Style Udon Noodles, Makhani Dal & rice, and Non-beef empanadas.