Being housed within an old cinema is not the only reason why Waitrose's Marlborough branch in Wiltshire blends in so harmoniously with its surroundings.

Our first Top Store of the new year as far as The Grocer 33 is concerned managed to provide this week's only full basket. Our shopper was impressed with the warm customer service and selection of locally sourced fruitcake and beer.

Situated on Marlborough's scenic high street, supposedly the widest in the UK, the 30-year-old store is more than a pretty fascia. CACI data confirms that Waitrose is well suited to the town

Since arriving in September, store manager Andy Davies has found his average shopper to be knowledgeable but demanding in their expectations of Waitrose products and has worked hard to make sure the 23,000 sq ft store remains an integral part of the community.

"Marlborough is a foodie town and customers are justifiably demanding of colleagues and the quality of our offer," said Davies.

"Although we share the high street with independent butchers, delicatessens and fruit and veg stores, shoppers don't use our store at the expense of these smaller businesses. Locals come to Marlborough to buy the bulk of their shopping from Waitrose but visit the smaller traders for specific products which are unique to their establishments. We've been here for as long as they have and our businesses have grown up together."