Just months after Walkers entered the Irish Republic, it has been caught up in a legal wrangle with its indigenous competitor Tayto over a brand name. Walkers is taking legal action over Tayto's use of the name Mighty Munch which it objects conflicts with its own Monster Munch ­ manufactured for many years under licence by Tayto but returned to Walkers. A spokesman for Tayto's parent company Cantrell & Cochrane said: "Walkers are seeking an interlocutory injunction to prevent Tayto using the brand name Mighty Munch which, they claim, conflicts with Monster Munch. "Cantrell & Cochrane is satisfied it is not infringing Walker's rights and will be giving a robust defence." Walkers declined to comment. The company entered the Irish market last spring in a blaze of heavy advertising featuring Irish soccer star Roy Keane. Tayto, which operates in both north and south, is Walkers' main rival in bagged snacks in the Republic. {{NEWS }}