Walkers' relentless promotional activity has allowed to pull away from the rest of its rivals in the crisps and snacks category.

However, Pringles has consolidated its second place with 23% of activity in our latest Promotrack survey. This was thanks largely to promotions of its new line Pringles Rice Infusions, which accounted for 55% of its space promotions. Sainsbury's was the only retailer not to have the brand on featured space promotion.

Pringles' position has not changed since the last category survey on 14 April, when it shared second place with KP on 22% each.

However, it is some way off catching Walkers, which accounted for 60% of all activity last weekend, with brands such as Sensations and Meaty on offer in all five retailers. Walkers has increased its share of space by 14 percentage points in just three months, having posted a 46% share in April.

McVitie's moved into third place in last weekend's chart, taking an 8% share of the crisps and snacks category. Golden Wonder and McCoy's shared fourth place with 5% of featured space each.

Again, the positions were largely unchanged on April's, when McVitie's took third place with 8% and Golden Wonder fifth place with 3% of featured space.

The year-to-date charts underscore the dominance of Walkers. Since the year-to-date figures were reviewed in April, Walkers has gained 12 percentage points overall. Pringles retains second place with 18% but it is the only brand that hasn't lost any share of activity to Walkers. KP maintains its third spot for the year to date, but its share is down five percentage points to 12%. McVitie's and Quaker now share fourth place with 9% each - a drop of four percentage points for Quaker and three points for McVitie's.

The crisps and snacks category was in eighth place overall last weekend and currently sits in 10th place in the 2007 year-to-date chart - one position higher than in 2006.