Katie Walker (left) is the UK sales manager for Walkers Nonsuch - a traditional toffee maker that supplies confectionery to 25 countries. Her younger sister, Emma Walker, is the export sales manager. Katie on Emma: Emma and I have worked together for 20 years. Because it is a family-run business we are always supporting each other and working together on new ideas or events. We sit opposite each other and constantly interact. She is always organised and her attention to detail is extraordinary. Whether we are planning an exhibition or designing new packaging, I always know that it will be perfect in every way. Emma is responsible for all the marketing and her official job title is marketing and export manager. On a day-to-day basis, Emma deals with all advertising and marketing as well as being responsible for new product development and organising exhibitions at home and abroad. Although my role has no direct link to hers, we are always working together on something, even if it's just a brainstorming session. She is very pedantic, especially when it comes to our packaging, which can sometimes drive me mad but she has excellent people skills and obviously does a fantastic job as our export business has increased dramatically over the past three years. Emma on Katie: Katie is responsible for looking after all our customers and also supporting our national sales executive, Tony Rogers, while I'm on the marketing side. But as we are a small company, our roles don't just stop there. Everybody pitches in - it isn't important about our official roles if something just needs doing. Katie is always the same, whether she is at home or busy in the office. She never lets anything worry her or stress her out - she just gets on with things and I really admire this in her. The only difference is that she usually has her wellies on and straw in her hair when she is at home, although I am pleased to say she is always smart and professionally dressed at work. Katie's filing is somewhat chaotic but I have to say it has improved over the years. It's good fun working together so I think this means that we produce positive results. We constantly bounce ideas off each other about everything and anything.