Selfridges will be the first London food hall to stock 'welfare friendly' foie gras. The luxury liver pâté is produced in Spain, where the birds naturally gorge themselves prior to winter migration. Ewan Venters, director of food and catering at Selfridges, said it would go on sale alongside standard French foie gras, produced by force-feeding ducks and geese. "We wanted to give customers a choice," Venters said. "Gourmets may not be satisfied as it does have a different taste and texture, but I have tried it and it is quite acceptable." Harrods is also considering stocking the Spanish foie gras, which is produced by Pateria de Sousa. But the move has not mollified animal rights campaign group Viva!. "These birds are being tricked into over-eating," said campaigner Justin Kerswell. "Ethical retailers should just instate a complete ban." Meanwhile, Harvey Nichols is the latest retailer to announce it will no longer stock foie gras.