Sir; In your April 1 issue Janet Kelly and Nicola Gordon-Seymour wrote no fewer than four pages of Focus on Barbecues, and all this, to my very great surprise and no small consternation, without a mention of fish or shellfish. Most major UK supermarkets sell a wide variety of fish/exotic fish and uncooked seafoods, especially the fish counters at Asda, Safeway, Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose. We know, because we supply them all year round with products ideal for BBQ excitement such as whole raw king prawns, headed shell-on tiger prawns, sardines, squid, and scallops. Also we do a special summer line, raw peeled tiger prawns on a kebab stick. All these taste superb when simply marinaded and grilled on a BBQ. So come on you journalists, let's not forget the fish business in these analyses of sectors. Tony Readman Managing director Anchor Seafoods {{LETTERS }}