Supermarkets sell beer at a lower price than bottled water and risk fuelling the binge-drinking crisis, according to the Telegraph. The paper said that Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda were selling lager at 22p a can, significantly less per pint than own label bottled water, and in some cases cans were so cheap that the store actually paid more in excise duties than it charged at the till.

Property investor Robert Tchenguiz will resurrect his plan to split Sainsbury's into two - a retail and a property group - following the collapse of the takeover approach for the retailer by Delta Two. Tchenguiz is said to favour a plan that would see more property sold off and the cash used to buy back shares in the supermarket, The Guardian reported.

Food companies face new laws requiring nutritional information on the front of all their products, The Sunday Times reported. A leaked European Commission document outlined plans to force supermarkets and manufacturers to state prominently the amount of fat, sugar and salt in products contain. The Commission also rejected the British government's traffic-light labelling scheme, it added.

The Mail reported that moves to allow GM crops to be grown in Britain have been given the go-ahead. According to the paper, the government is drawing up rules that will pave the way for GM crops, such as potatoes, oil seed rape and sugar beet. Some 95% of more than 11,000 survey respondents opposed the plans.

The Times reported fresh calls for a 9pm watershed for junk food adverts from Which? Research from the consumer organisation indicated that 12 of the 20 TV programmes most watched by children under 10 years old - including The Simpsons and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - were not covered by current Ofcom rules on advertising HFSS food to children.