Luckily, when the pizzas arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find not a baked bean in sight. The striking packaging gave clear and concise cooking instructions as well as nutritional information so I knew what my family were having for dinner that evening. My five-year-old daughter is an avid lover of pizza and needed no persuading to be my guinea pig. My partner was a little less impressed. He prefers American-style deep pan pizza rather than the authentic Italian thin and crispy version. It's the same sort of thing as being a either a white wine or a red wine person. A mere 20 minutes later, dinner ­ well, a selection of five different varieties ­ was served and the jury was out. My unadventurous daughter opted for the Hawaiian, followed by a slice of Cheese Supreme, both of which seemed to satisfy her appetite fully. My partner and I tried a slice of each and found the flavours Ultimate Pepperoni Feast, Fire Roasted Vegetables, Cheese Supreme, Supreme and Hawaiian, acceptable. The recipes available were pretty much what we have come to expect as pizza toppings and the ingredients were not exactly daring, although they were plentiful. However, the base was distinctly different from other frozen pizzas I've encountered in that it was a lot crisper. My final verdict is quite favourable overall. I can see myself buying the new Pizza Pleasure range in the future, but I would probably still keep it in the freezer as a quick and easy solution for my daughter and her friends. I'm afraid that I will still be booking a table at my local pizzeria when I feel a pizza craving coming on." {{P&P }}