Colgate-Palmolive and GlaxoSmithKline are both throwing new products into their burgeoning whitening toothpastes portfolios.
GSK is introducing Macleans white ’n’ shine into its line-up, which is particularly aimed at the younger users said to be fuelling the growth in the teeth whitening market.
Its point of difference, said the company, is a resulting “light-reflecting sparkle”.
The newcomer, which uses micro-polishing particles to remove imperfections on the surface of the teeth without the addition of harsh abrasives or bleaching agents, will be supported by a £2m marketing spend during its first year on
shelf. Rsp for the 100ml offering will be £2.49.
Meanwhile, Colgate gets its first whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth which is said to also protect gums.
Marketing support has yet to be finalised but Colgate Sensitive Whitening (rsp: £1.49 for 50ml and £1.99 for 75ml) joins a rapidly expanding sub-sector under the Colgate banner that already includes Colgate Whitening and Colgate Sensitive Deep Clean Whitening. Both new entrants come at a time of deepening rivalry between the two brands.
According to The Grocer’s last Top Products Survey (December 13 2003), the Colgate range had a commanding lead over Macleans with sales of more than £110m across all outlets in the year to October 5, up by 2.3% year-on-year.
That contrasted with an 8.4% sales slump for Macleans to below £36m. However, the brand has come back strongly this year on the product development front and GSK is keen to promote an added-value tier of ‘health and beauty’ products and persuade consumers to buy different oral care products as part of their grooming routine.
Simon Mowbray