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It could help restaurants save up to £5,000 a year

Bestway and Deliveroo have joined forces to offer restaurants across the UK access to cheaper prices on everyday essentials and cashback offers.

It will see the delivery giant’s restaurant partners use Bestway depots for lower-priced ingredients, including flour, rice, sugar and dairy products, saving them up £5,000 a year. 

Restaurant partners are also eligible for a discount scheme through a quarterly paid cashback deal based on spend and special pricing tiers through the partnership. Restaurants that spend more than £13,000 a quarter are eligible for up to 8% cashback, equating to more than £1,000.

The offer will be initially available to 1,700 restaurants in Scotland from Bestway’s Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee depots, and 6,800 partner sites in central London. Bestway said there was an option for the wholesaler to deliver the goods to the restaurants.

Deliveroo restaurant partners have already signed up in London, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, with the remainder of the partnership expected to be rolled out across the UK next year. Bestway’s wholesale division has a total of 61 depots spanning the UK.

The duo said their partnership came at a crucial time for the restaurant industry in the face of rising food inflation, offering a lifeline to independent partners, which are striving to cut costs and maintain profitability.

“We’re seeing more restaurants than ever before operate on delivery platforms and, in such a competitive environment, the restaurants that are seeing the greatest successes are those that offer a quality experience and great value for money,” said Deliveroo UK&I chief business officer Carlo Mocci.

“This new partnership with Bestway will provide our restaurant partners with access to great savings on their everyday essentials, helping them offer great value for money to their customers.”

Bestway Wholesale MD Dawood Pervez said: “We’re enormously excited to announce our growing partnership with Deliveroo and as we enter our new fiscal year, we have ambitious targets to grow our partnership and our market share with Deliveroo customers.

“Our collaboration is based on synergistic values – we want to help our customers grow and make more profit – that way, we all benefit and grow together. For Deliveroo customers who are not already buying at Bestway, it couldn’t be easier to register through a few simple steps, enabling them to be able to enjoy superb savings and the best deals in the market.

“This is a further example of how here at Bestway, we are investing in our customers and driving the best value and opportunity into their businesses.”

Malik Ali Khan, director of Walm Lane Cafeteria, a Deliveroo restaurant partner, said: “For us, there is no question that this is a ground-breaking partnership that Deliveroo and Bestway are offering. It has made a big difference to our business.

“We are currently spending £500 a week on supplies with Bestway, which means we will receive over £1,300 every year in rebates that we can reinvest into more supplies and that’s on top of the savings, so it will make a significant difference to our profitability.”